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New YEars 2010

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New Years Tradition for Family

We have been married 34 years. Our oldest is 31 years old, (Not sure how that happened! I still feel 31!!!) When she was about three and her sister one, we started having New Years Eve parties with our children. I have to be honest when they were really little I went around the house and set ahead the clocks so they wouldn't be up so late.
As time went by they became teenagers. (5 kids oldest 10 years older than youngest) Our party was tradition and they invited friends to it. We had waffles at midnight with ice cream and all kinds of toppings.
We started doing this when they were young for the sole purpose of them being home on New Years when they were teen agers and it worked. Sometimes they did go to dances but they were home before midnight so we could all have our waffle breakfast, play games and watch a movie. (We do sleep in!) Now that we have grandchildren, they still spend New Years Eve at our house. It was worth it and has because a wonderful party looked forward to all through the holidays.Happy New Year!

Great Party Ideas WIth CHildren

I found this article and wanted to share it because it really explains things well.How to Celebrate New Year's Eve With Your Children by eHow Holidays & Celebrations Introduction
Throw a party and celebrate with your kids, letting them stay up until the new year dawns.
1 Help your kids decorate a room in your house. Hang streamers, scatter confetti and set out party hats and noisemakers.
2 Bake a cake.
3 Dress up in party clothes.
4 Prepare the kids' favorite dinner and eat the cake for desert. Put candles on the cake and blow them out in recognition of the birthday of a new year.
5 Teach the kids the words to "Auld Lang Syne," and sing other songs with them as well.
6 Explain the concept of New Year's resolutions to your children. Ask them if there is anything they would like to accomplish in the next year.
7 Lay out sleeping bags in the living room. Read stories out loud and play board games late into the evening.8 Toast the New Year at midnight (if your kids are still awake) with sparkling fruit cider.Tips & WarningsIf your kid doesn't have a favorite meal, make spaghetti with tomato sauce and serve salad on the side. This is generally a kid-pleasing meal.Overall Things You'll NeedConfettisStreamersParty HatsPillowsCake MixSpaghetti NoodlesSpaghetti SaucesCake PansNoisemakersSleeping BagsStreamers

Pass the New Years Hat

This is a great game to add to your New Year's celebration! Wearing the New Years hat has never been so much fun. Keeping it on is something else. In this game, trying to pass the hat around is even more fun. The players in this game are in two circles: an inner one and outer one. One player in each circle has the New Years hat on his/her head. The object is to pass the hat round the circle. But the players must not use their hands while passing the hat from one head to another. Not only is this a fun game, but it’s a fun game to watch. Everyone will be laughing hysterically the entire time. The team which passes the hat round the circle first, wins the game. Hats off to the winners! You can give your winners some new years party favors as their prizes.

Three-Legged New Years Game

Are you in sync with your partner, then you could win the three legged race? For this New Years, consider adding a few games to the party to really make it fun. The New Year challenge is on and you will love this game! This New Years game will have you in stitches if you are actually playing or even watching. To play, each team delegates two players to stand hand in hand. Their adjacent ankles are tied together. At the leader's command, they run to the agreed place and return back. The fastest pair wins this competition. The prizes could be such festive gifts as New Year blowers, New Year hats, or a sash stating "New Years' Baby." Make sure that you have cameras available to take fun pictures of the guests playing this game, too. Everyone will truly enjoy themselves with this fun game. Be sure to decorate the house with lots of New Year's decorations so that everyone will be in the spirit of this fabulous party!

Score A Goal For The New Year

Bat a balloon and score a goal for the New Year. For those that wish they could just spend their New Years Day watching sports, here’s a fun game to consider during half time. This is a New Years game for all the sports fans that is sure to be fun. The heat is on when giving two balloons to each player - a round and a long one of two different colors. Using the long balloon as a bat the players must drive the round balloon into the box, which is put on one side. The player whose balloon is driven into the box the first is the winner. The winner will be rewarded with a New Years prize! Note that it is easier to tell who won when each player has their own color balloons. You will have a lot of fun with this game. and give out party favors that are New Years related to all that play. You will get a bit of exercise while waiting for the next football game to start. As well as lots of goodies to eat, try making the house as festive as possible with lots of New Years themed decorations!

New Years Hop Hippity Hop into a New Years that's Tops!

For anyone that loves activity and wants to have fun at their New Years party, this is a great game to play. A New Years game that will have you hopping into the next year is this game. Two players take part in this game. You can create teams or even have several people partnering up and playing at the same time. They are rivals. Pin well-defined pictures in paper circles with the numbers (such as 96, 105 etc.) on the backs of the players. The players are in the circle. (The circle may be drawn with the chalk on the floor.) They stand on one foot. Their task is to catch sight of the picture and number on the rival's back, jumping on one foot. The player who is the first in "deciphering" the rival's picture and number is the winner. They will receive the New Years prize. Its fun to watch and its fun to play. The other guests can be given wonderful New Years party favors to take home so they will always remember this fun festive occasion!

New Years Under The Sea Flipper's Here!

This New Years Day, why not celebrate with friends and family and a few great games like this one. What would it be like to have New Years under the sea? This game might just answer that question. Give a pair of flippers and a glass of water to each team. The first player stands at the start-line, gets on the flippers, takes the glass of water and lifts it above the head. So he/she is "under the water". At the signal the players begin to move forwards. When the first "submariner" reaches the desired distance he or she passes the flippers and the glass to the next player. If the water spilled from the glass after the first run, add some more water. Some fun prizes might be a calendar of the coming year or a clock but try to make sure they all relate to this festive time of year. The winners will get prizes and the others could receive party favors to remember this wonderful New Years celebration! Everyone will have a lot of fun with this laugh filled game. Get everyone involved and enjoy it. Yours guests will remember this party for many New Years to come!


Although the holidays are winding down, here’s a game to play on New Years that’s perfect for gift giving fun. Here is a New Years game for people who just love to open up presents. To start, divide everyone into pairs for this New Years party game. Each pair stands hand in hand with their adjoining hands tied together. With their free hands (one with the right hand and other with the left one) they must unwrap up the package. Inside the wrapped present is another present and another. In the very last present is the New Years gift. You can have so much fun with this game. Change it to fit your own theme or even consider making them fun gag gifts. Everyone will love it and the challenge is worth it. Some excellent ideas for a gift inside would be a clock to reminisce of Father Time or a bottle of wine to help bring in the new year. Give out festive New Years party favors to all who participate in this New Years game and be sure to decorate the house with lots of New years decorations so everyone will be in the party mood!A New Years Office Party Game


An office party game that is definitely going to be a hit this year at your New Years party is this one. In this game the host acts like a detective, being snoopy the day before the New Years party by secretly going around to each person's desk and snatching one item off of their desk. Try to be discrete about it and don’t make anyone angry. Picking a personal object to uniquely identify that individual is the goal. At the party, organize the items by laying everything out on a table. Then you will be assigning a number to each item. Everyone has to figure out which item came from whose desk! It is a total crack up to see who actually stays at their desk and works and who spends most of their days wandering around everyone else's office! What’s more, everyone will love seeing more about the personality of those that they work with. You can enjoy this at the company holiday party or you can make it an afternoon break one day. The person identifying the most objects is the winner and will receive a wonderful New Years gift prize. There could be consolation prizes for the others who participate of New years party favors!

Wish Upon A New Year Activity

New Years is the best time to consider what your future holds. This game is just the right fit for that thought. Bring in the New Year with wishes of things you would like to do in the coming year. In this game, each person receives several counters (toothpicks, pennies, etc.) Then inside the circle each person tells of something they wish to accomplish within the next year. For example: I would like to travel out of the country, I would like to make a new friend). Anyone who has already done this in the previous year must give the speaker one of their toothpicks or pennies. After going around the circle several times, the person with the most tokens wins. The winner will receive a New Years prize which could be a party favor or such. Make sure to get fun with this. You don’t have to be serious about it. Mix it up and have fun. Children can play too. Choose themes for the party game, too like New Years decorations for the whole house so everyone will be in the party spirit!

Ring The New Years Bell

For your New Year’s celebration this year, make sure that you include a few fun games, like this one. Ring in the new year in with this easy to play fun game. First, put a hand-bell on the chair. The player stands with his/her back to the hand-bell. He/she is blindfolded. He/she walks 10 steps forwards. There he/she is turned around for 2-4 times. Then the player must come back to the hand-bell and ring it. The player who manages to ring the bell gets a point. This game may be played in teams as well as individually. Play several times until it is clear who the winner is. Reward the players with New Year’s themed party favors. Make sure that everyone plays a long telling them how to go to reach the bell, but remember to time everyone’s turn so a winner can be determined. The winner will get a special New Years prize!

Name The New Year Image

Enjoying New Year’s doesn’t mean having to watch the football game. Here’s a game to play at half time. Here is a game that is guaranteed to get yourself and your guests into the New Year mood. Go through several magazines and cut out pictures symbolizing New Years. For example, a clock, a baby, a bottle of wine, etc. Paste each on the white side of a 3x5 card and have everyone go around the room with an answer sheet and try to identify as many of the symbols as possible. The winner will be the one with the most correct answers and they will receive a wonderful New Years gift! Cut out only a very small portion of the picture so that it makes it more difficult to tell what’s on the card. This game can be played by children or adults, or both! Be sure to decorate your house with lots of New Years decorations so that everyone will be in the festive spirit!

New Year Coupling Game

A bit of planning is all that’s needed to enjoy this fun New Years game. As guests arrive at your New Years party, hand out envelopes. Blue envelopes for the boys and pink envelopes for the girls work perfectly. In all the envelopes, there are halves of New Years pictures and a note with the following text: "In the envelope there is a half of the card." Cut the cards in a zigzag line. The missing part of it has someone who is present here. Try to find him/her. The first 3 matched pairs get prizes for winning. New Years party favors would make great prizes for the winners and whatever is leftover can be given out to the other guests as they leave! You can use this as a great way for people to meet each other. It works great for children as well as adults and it’s easy to do. Make sure you get New Year’s themed party favors for prizes so everyone will leave happy and in a festive mood!

Who Laughs Last Game

One of the best games every is one that you don’t want to laugh at. Use this game in your New Years celebration! The object of this New Year game is to keep from laughing. The players get into a circle facing each other. One of the players says: "Ha!". The following says "Ha-ha!", the third continues "Ha-ha-ha!" and soon. If someone pronounces the wrong number of "ha" or laughs, he/she is out. The players who are out of the game try to make all the rest players (those who are still in the game) laugh. The player who laughs the last is the winner and will receive a special New Year Prize. Make sure to get everyone in the mood for the game beforehand. What’s more, everyone will have hysterical fun with this great game! When your guests are ready to leave, give them all New Years party favors to take home and always remember this fun evening!

New Years Bluff Game

For those that love New Years but want to try and have fun with their guests, here’s a great game to play. In this New Years game all of the players tell their stories in turn. As the tale-teller finishes his/her telling the story all the players express their opinion in turn: true or fabricated. The players who are correct in their guesses receive a toothpick. The tale-tellers take their turns around the circle. As every player has told the story, the players count the toothpicks. The person with the most tooth picks wins and should receive a special prize that you have picked out for them. This could be of the New Years theme party prize. You can change up the rules to this game as you like. Everyone else who plays the game will receive a New Year’s themed party favor such as a noise maker or hat.

New Years Word Game

Who said that learning had to be difficult? Here’s a great game that you can consider for your New Years party. Test your vocabulary and spelling with this fun and challenging New Years game. In a given amount of time, see which player can come up with the most words formed from the letters in "Happy New Years Eve". Use pencils and paper; no letter may be used more times than it appears in "Happy New Years Eve". This game may be played using only words related to New Years as well or you can change it as you would like to. Take the time to choose some prizes for winners such as New Year’s themed party favors including fun gag gifts. Everyone will love the process and will enjoy the game and this wonderful evening for many years to come. Add to the festive spirit of this party by decorating the house with lots of New Year decorations!

A New Years Guessing Game

With New Years fast approaching, do you have a good game to play with the guests that come to your party? If not, consider this game. Rock around the New Years' clock with this fun game. Put several small items into a brown paper bag. Blindfold one person and hand them one of the items in the bag. Give them a few seconds to guess the item. If they are unsuccessful, they are out. Each player takes a turn. The players who guessed correctly go again. The last one left wins. The items can be anything you want, but look for very different and unique textures for a more challenging game. Make sure the winner gets a New Years themed party prize and give out party favors to the other players.

New Years Balloon Relay Race

For those that will have smaller children at their New Years party, make sure to include a few games that they can enjoy and play together. All the kids love this New Year game. To play, divide the children into 2 or more equal teams and stand them in a line. Give each team ten balloons in a basket. The first in each line takes a balloon and runs to the other side of the room/yard/area and sits or stomps on the balloon to pop it. After popping the balloon they run back to the line and tag the next person who does the same thing. The game goes on until one team has popped all of their balloons. The winning team gets a small prize like a New Years party favor which could be a toy! Make sure to have fun with this game by giving great New Years gifts to all the guests! Even adult children will love this game. You could make the party more festive by decorating the house with New Years decorations!

The New Years Mummies

New Year’s is a great holiday for a party and with parties come games and lots of New Years decorations! Here’s a festive game for a festive holiday. Split the party goers into teams of three and give each team a toilet roll. Designate one person to be the judge. Two persons then wrap the third in the toilet roll so that they look like an Egyptian Mummy. The winning team is the one who in a set time (say 2 minutes) have the neatest and most covered Mummy. You can do this with a New Year’s baby theme too. Change it to fit the style of your party. Enjoy the game and give the winners a small prize of New Years party favors for a job well done. Your guests will remember this party for a long time to come!

Baby Food Taste Test

For your favorite guests at your next New Years party, consider this fun and tasteful game. This New Years game is like no other game you have played. Buy eight jars of baby food - cereal, fruit, veggies, and meat. Cover the jars with foil and write a number on the side of each jar. Pass out plastic spoons, paper plates, and paper and pencil for each player. Ask players to write the numbers 1 through 8 around the outside of the plate. Pass around each jar of baby food and have players drop a spoonful next to each number. They must taste the globs and try to identify each flavor. Remove the foil to reveal the answers. Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize. You'll get some funny faces during the tasting so keep the camera handy! You will love picking some of the most strange looking foods to try. When everyone is willing to play, this game is one that they will remember for a long time for how fun it can be. Have a nice prize for the winner who will be the one who guesses the most correct baby foods. The other guests could be rewarded with New Years party favors!

New Years Purse Pickings

Having a couple’s New Years party or want to enjoy a fun game anyway? Consider this one. At your New Years party couple off the participants into twos of male and female each. The men get a pen and paper and write down the items they believe are in their female counterpart' s purse. Each couple names off the items written and shows the item from the women's pocketbook. For each correct guess, the couple gets a point. The couple with the most points wins. The winning couple will have lots of fun memories but they are sure to enjoy their prize too, some New Years party favors you’ve chosen. Make sure that everyone enjoys the game and get the camera out for some fun pictures. Decorating the house with New Years decorations will make the occasion more festive and memorable for all who attend! These could be given out to the couples who didn't win a prize!

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The New Year Freeze Game

Here’s a fun New Years party game that will keep everyone dancing, well, not quite. It is New Years and the dancing is going strong. Suddenly, the music stops and the people who are dancing are to stand still in a pose. The persons who cannot keep his/her balance are out. After a minute, the music continues on and off again until there is only one person left standing and that person is the winner. Make sure that everyone is excited and having fun. Most importantly, make sure to change the pace of the music every time just to make it more interesting. The winner will get New Year’s prize and the other guest will receive New Years party favors that they will love. These party favors will them remember this fun party!
This games were taken from an article was written by Melissa - I am sorry to say I don't have a website or place to acknowledge where it came from because I received it by e-mail. If anyone knows who this, please let me know so I can give theproper credit due. Thanks Melissa!

New Years Crafts

All kinds of Happy New Years Crafts on this website:;jsessionid=45FEUM0TOGFYXQFIBQPSCAQ?page=2

Yummy Recipes for New Years Parties

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crockpot Easy Nacho Dip
This is excellent.
Put in crockpot and ready all night to be eaten!
1 pound hamburger, dash of salt, pepper, and onion powder, 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 jars (16 ounces each) of salsa, 15 ounces can refried beans, 1 1/2 cups sour cream, 3 cups shredded cheddar cheese, divided, tortilla chips.
Brown beef, add salt, pepper, onion powder, and minced garlic. Combine beef, salsa, beans, sour cream, and 2 cups cheese in crock pot. Cover and heat on low for 2 hours. Just before serving, sprinkle with 1 cup cheese. Serve with tortilla chips.
Recipe Author: verandahlady
Recipe Source: A_Taste_Of_Mexico
Easy Cheese AppetizersIngredients1-1/2 cups water1/2 cup butter, cut into pieces1/4 teaspoon salt1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour5 eggs1-1/2 cups shredded Gruyere cheese (6 ounces)4 teaspoons Dijon-style mustard1/8 teaspoon ground white pepper1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepperCayenne pepper (optional)Directions1. Lightly grease two baking sheets; set aside. In a medium saucepan, combine the water, butter, and salt. Bring to boiling. Add flour all at once, stirring vigorously. Cook and stir until mixture forms a ball. Remove from heat. Transfer to a large mixing bowl. Cool for 10 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, beating with an electric mixer on medium speed for 1 minute after each addition. Stir in Gruyere cheese, mustard, white pepper, and the 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper.2. Preheat oven to 400F. Using a pastry bag fitted with a 1/2-inch star tip, pipe batter in 1-inch mounds about 11/2 inches apart onto the prepared baking sheets. (Or use 2 teaspoons batter for each puff.)3. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until puffed and golden brown. Serve warm. If desired, sprinkle with additional cayenne pepper. Makes about 60 gougeres.4. Make-Ahead: Bake gougeres as directed. Cool on wire racks. Place cooled gougeres in an airtight container and store in the freezer up to 1 month. To reheat, place frozen gougeres on a baking sheet and bake, uncovered, in a preheated 350F oven for 6 to 8 minutes or until heated.