Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Years Tradition for Family

We have been married 34 years. Our oldest is 31 years old, (Not sure how that happened! I still feel 31!!!) When she was about three and her sister one, we started having New Years Eve parties with our children. I have to be honest when they were really little I went around the house and set ahead the clocks so they wouldn't be up so late.
As time went by they became teenagers. (5 kids oldest 10 years older than youngest) Our party was tradition and they invited friends to it. We had waffles at midnight with ice cream and all kinds of toppings.
We started doing this when they were young for the sole purpose of them being home on New Years when they were teen agers and it worked. Sometimes they did go to dances but they were home before midnight so we could all have our waffle breakfast, play games and watch a movie. (We do sleep in!) Now that we have grandchildren, they still spend New Years Eve at our house. It was worth it and has because a wonderful party looked forward to all through the holidays.Happy New Year!

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