Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ring The New Years Bell

For your New Year’s celebration this year, make sure that you include a few fun games, like this one. Ring in the new year in with this easy to play fun game. First, put a hand-bell on the chair. The player stands with his/her back to the hand-bell. He/she is blindfolded. He/she walks 10 steps forwards. There he/she is turned around for 2-4 times. Then the player must come back to the hand-bell and ring it. The player who manages to ring the bell gets a point. This game may be played in teams as well as individually. Play several times until it is clear who the winner is. Reward the players with New Year’s themed party favors. Make sure that everyone plays a long telling them how to go to reach the bell, but remember to time everyone’s turn so a winner can be determined. The winner will get a special New Years prize!

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