Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Years Hop Hippity Hop into a New Years that's Tops!

For anyone that loves activity and wants to have fun at their New Years party, this is a great game to play. A New Years game that will have you hopping into the next year is this game. Two players take part in this game. You can create teams or even have several people partnering up and playing at the same time. They are rivals. Pin well-defined pictures in paper circles with the numbers (such as 96, 105 etc.) on the backs of the players. The players are in the circle. (The circle may be drawn with the chalk on the floor.) They stand on one foot. Their task is to catch sight of the picture and number on the rival's back, jumping on one foot. The player who is the first in "deciphering" the rival's picture and number is the winner. They will receive the New Years prize. Its fun to watch and its fun to play. The other guests can be given wonderful New Years party favors to take home so they will always remember this fun festive occasion!

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