Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Years Under The Sea Flipper's Here!

This New Years Day, why not celebrate with friends and family and a few great games like this one. What would it be like to have New Years under the sea? This game might just answer that question. Give a pair of flippers and a glass of water to each team. The first player stands at the start-line, gets on the flippers, takes the glass of water and lifts it above the head. So he/she is "under the water". At the signal the players begin to move forwards. When the first "submariner" reaches the desired distance he or she passes the flippers and the glass to the next player. If the water spilled from the glass after the first run, add some more water. Some fun prizes might be a calendar of the coming year or a clock but try to make sure they all relate to this festive time of year. The winners will get prizes and the others could receive party favors to remember this wonderful New Years celebration! Everyone will have a lot of fun with this laugh filled game. Get everyone involved and enjoy it. Yours guests will remember this party for many New Years to come!

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