Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who Laughs Last Game

One of the best games every is one that you don’t want to laugh at. Use this game in your New Years celebration! The object of this New Year game is to keep from laughing. The players get into a circle facing each other. One of the players says: "Ha!". The following says "Ha-ha!", the third continues "Ha-ha-ha!" and soon. If someone pronounces the wrong number of "ha" or laughs, he/she is out. The players who are out of the game try to make all the rest players (those who are still in the game) laugh. The player who laughs the last is the winner and will receive a special New Year Prize. Make sure to get everyone in the mood for the game beforehand. What’s more, everyone will have hysterical fun with this great game! When your guests are ready to leave, give them all New Years party favors to take home and always remember this fun evening!

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