Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wish Upon A New Year Activity

New Years is the best time to consider what your future holds. This game is just the right fit for that thought. Bring in the New Year with wishes of things you would like to do in the coming year. In this game, each person receives several counters (toothpicks, pennies, etc.) Then inside the circle each person tells of something they wish to accomplish within the next year. For example: I would like to travel out of the country, I would like to make a new friend). Anyone who has already done this in the previous year must give the speaker one of their toothpicks or pennies. After going around the circle several times, the person with the most tokens wins. The winner will receive a New Years prize which could be a party favor or such. Make sure to get fun with this. You don’t have to be serious about it. Mix it up and have fun. Children can play too. Choose themes for the party game, too like New Years decorations for the whole house so everyone will be in the party spirit!

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