Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Years Purse Pickings

Having a couple’s New Years party or want to enjoy a fun game anyway? Consider this one. At your New Years party couple off the participants into twos of male and female each. The men get a pen and paper and write down the items they believe are in their female counterpart' s purse. Each couple names off the items written and shows the item from the women's pocketbook. For each correct guess, the couple gets a point. The couple with the most points wins. The winning couple will have lots of fun memories but they are sure to enjoy their prize too, some New Years party favors you’ve chosen. Make sure that everyone enjoys the game and get the camera out for some fun pictures. Decorating the house with New Years decorations will make the occasion more festive and memorable for all who attend! These could be given out to the couples who didn't win a prize!

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